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Germantown, TN’s Resident Traveler


Tina Sansone & Sheri McNeil Savory are researchers for During one of Tina’s research cases she came across a fascinating lady, Frances Stuart, that taught her the importance of having an open mind during the research process.

Researching our ancestors can become quite tricky at times. It is interesting to discover how much they did travel and move, although their mode of transportation is not as available as it is today. Take for example, Frances E. Stuart, born in Germantown, Tennessee in 1869. Just take a look where the research has shown her to live, not to mention she was married 5 times!

Born 1869-Germantown, 1900-Memphis, 1902-San Francisco, 1910-New York, 1915-New Orleans, 1917-Memphis, 1921-Carroll County Arkansas, 1925-Memphis, 1930-St. Louis, 1937-Angelina, Texas

It was quite an adventure documenting this fascinating lady from Germantown with all her marriages and travels. She died in 1952, but led quite an adventurous life. Although our ancestors did not all own cars as most of us do today, they did manage to travel and move around. Some of the most popular modes of transport were cars, ships, trains, horse and buggy. As you research your families, and they seem to disappear, do not be afraid to look at adjoining states, or even those farther away.

Some of the records I used to document Frances Stuart were census, marriage licenses, newspapers, archives, military, divorce, funeral home, land deeds and family letters. It is vital to use a variety of sources in order to get the full story of one’s life. Had I left out some of the resources I discovered, there were marriages and places of residence we would have overlooked.

Why is this important to you? Many times I have heard researchers say they do not need to attend a lecture for a state that their family was not known to live in. We never know where the trail we take will lead us when doing family history. As I started researching Frances Stuart in Germantown during her early years, I had no idea of all the many states I would be taken to as we documented her life. As you start investigating the lives of your family, have an open mind.

Most genealogical societies realize that most of their visitors have family that live outside their state. They will have books, maps and resources that will cover their home state, but also other states, countries, wars, etc. Access to online databases are offered at some society libraries. If you have a book or resource you need, do not forget about inter-library loan or ordering microfilm thru FamilySearch.

Something you can do to get the kids involved is to create a family map. As you move and travel, keep a record of your many adventures for your descendants to keep track of your life. I know the family of Frances Stuart found it hard to believe this young girl from Germantown, Tennessee had quite the life, and you do too.

Is there a topic you would like us to write about? Please send your queries, topics and/or comments to Research DNA Writers is available to assist you in your personal research using a variety of databases as well as DNA analysis. Visit our website for more information.

A Savory Spotlight 2015 in Review

Tina & Sheri Logo 2016

“A Savory Spotlight” has been a wonderful exciting adventure this past year. As we started our show in November 2015, both Sheri McNeil Savory and Tina Sansone had no idea of the awesome guests and sponsors their show would attract. As a new year has started, we reflected on our past. We discussed DNA & Genealogy, Health Issues, Authors, Robotics, Jamboree, Charities, Education, and Current Events. Here are some of the amazing guests we had:

November – Lucie Hill, Julie Cope Whitaker, Vince MacNeil, DearMYRTLE (aka Pat Richley-Erickson), Diana Crisman Smith, & Rex Bertram
December – Rochelle Workman, Shari Kelley Worrell, Holly Wagner, Dan Kryzan, Adrienne Slaughter, & Kristen Houghton
January – Kristian Pedersen, Rick Burns, Victoria Wilcox, Robin Clough, Ron Rudzinski & Dan Kryzan
February – Cindy Grantham Brown, Adrienne Slaughter & First Tech Challenge Robotics Team #7802
March – Adam Selkowitz, Nichole Fogel, Elle Jones, Michelle McNabb, Simon Mee, Janice Sellers, Jim Heddell & Andre’ Proost
April – Barry Sheldon, Ellen Conrad, Peter Marsch, Sharon Mcanear, Mark & Ryan with
May – Candice Buchanan, Katherine Willson, Claudia Breland, Lise Harding & Paula HInkel
June – C. T. Mitchell, Janet Horvorka, Ron Arons, Blaine Bettinger, Jim Heddell, Elissa Scalise-Powell, Richard Brownell, Judy Russell, Angie Bush, Craig Scott, Michael Provard & Michael Gleason
July – John Spence, Michael Gleason, Thomas MacEntee, Drew Smith, Randy Seaver, Dr. Tim Janzen, Paul Woodbury, Steve Morse, Kitty Munson Coooper, Lucie Hill & Lisa Louise Cooke
August – L. T. Reece, Robert Daffin, Dr. Tim Janzen, & Roccie Hill
September – Thomas MacEntee, Paul Brooks, Elissa Scalise Powell, Rich Venezia & Roccie Hill
October – David Dowell
November – Roccie Hill, Joanne Hardy, & Danny Raede
December – Israel Pickholtz, Al Dawson, Nathan Dylan Goodwin, Trynadi Moffit, Dakota Workman, Erica Hartless & Brage Garofalo
January – Lise Harding & Melissa LeMaster Barker

To hear the archived versions of the above shows please visit:

We truly appreciate those Sponsors we had and the great friendships that were made through the sponsorship. Thanks to the following:

• Karen Cantrell with
• Stars Publishing Company
• Michael Gleason with
• Jim Heddell with
• Santa Clarita Valley Therapy Services

We are excited to see what the New Year 2016 will bring. If you wish to be guest or part of our sponsorship family, please email Sheri & Tina want to give a special thanks to our listeners. Each month as we watch our numbers grow, have listeners message us via email or social media, we are truly blessed to have this opportunity to be a part of the LA Talk Radio family via “A Savory Spotlight”. Thank you!

L. T. Reece, Author Review

LT Reece

L. T. Reece was a guest on our show, Tuesday, August 4. We had a great conversation with him, author of thrillers, suspense, mystery and crime! He gave us insight into his writing style and a sneak peek to his latest release, “The Last Omen“. Other books he authored are “Coma Sins”, “A Suitcase Mystery 1 & 2, Fear and other great novels. What is even more exciting is these books are offered in audio, so you can listen as you drive or take your walks. L. T. Reece is offering a FREE book, “The World of Suspense and Mystery” on Amazon, so check it out while it’s FREE.

I read his book, “The Last Omen” and it held me in suspense til the end. I love reading books that leave me guessing to the end, and his books do not disappoint.

Much appreciation for L.T. Reece for coming on our show; you can check out his interview on “A Savory Spotlight” and scroll down to the archived shows.

He can also be heard on iTunes, “The Last Omen” and Stitcher.

Roccie Hill Presents – The Genealogy Book of our Family: Bringing the Story of Our Ancestors to Life

Roccie Tree

Many times we have family information, records, and documents, but not sure what to do with them. We have researched the genealogy of our ancestors, but it sits there on our software, word processor or online family tree. How many of us enjoy reading books on the history of our ancestors or where they lived? Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own historical and genealogical book on your personal family?

Roccie Hill,, is now offering those services to the public. She has been “ghost writing” for many years for personal friends, but had decided to branch out to those interested in their own personal story. What exactly is a ghost writer? “Wikipedia – a ghostwriter is a writer who authors books, manuscripts, screenplays, scripts, articles, blog posts, stories, reports, whitepapers, or other texts that are officially credited to another person.”

Roccie is a professional writer and editor, and has been fascinated by her own family’s stories for decades. She studied genealogy for over 15 years, building her family tree little by little, on her own and with the help of genealogists. She discovered that the map of her family through the generations only touched the surface of their stories and mysteries. Roccie does not just want to know the names, dates and places of her ancestry, but most importantly the stories and historical events that occurred in their lives.

Through “The Genealogy Book of our Family”, Roccie Hill is available to take your family tree, research the eras and the locations, provide pictures and historical context, and transform these into a book that brings your ancestors to life for your children and grandchildren. She will turn the map of your family into a story, and you will learn more about American history that you ever did in school. Your family will gain profound insights into who you really are, and who your ancestors were, beyond the mere facts.

Your story might be a short story concerning one person, or it might be a 300-page book. Whatever the length, she will work closely with you to produce hard cover copies, paperback copies, or e-books: you can make one copy or a hundred. Imagine the excitement at a family reunion or a holiday celebration when you present the story of yourselves and your ancestors, beyond just the family tree map, for everyone to read and enjoy forever. You can contact Roccie Hill at with your questions or thoughts, and for pricing for this service.

Check out Roccie Hill’s latest release Window of Exposure!

Documenting Your Past Review

Doc Your Past Logo

A Savory Spotlight is super excited to have as our newest sponsor, Documenting Your Past.!Michael Gleason, John Spence and the rest of their team have done an amazing job collecting one of a kind unique documents.

As we research our families, we are basically documenting their past lives. We are searching for clues to their births, marriages, deaths, and other events that occurred in their life. An exciting website, Documenting Your Past might just have that exciting and fascinating document that will help you discover even more about your family.

Their mission statement reads, “To provide a dynamic genealogical database of names drawn from everyday documents used by our ancestors, for the purpose of establishing a record outside of the traditional government archives.” Documenting Your Past offers a dynamic database of historical items from the early 1800s through 1945. Items include envelopes, letters, deeds, land grants, insurance policies, checks, bills, receipts, stock certificates and other miscellaneous documents and records that detail the daily lives of the people who created the history of our great country. What a true treasure!

Here is how the searches works:

  • Our database offers an enormous amount of flexibility in performing searches specific to your needs. Only one field in any category needs to be filled in to obtain results. Of course the more information you enter, the more specific the search results will be. For example, when searching for people, you can search by first name or initial or by last name only, with no other field required.
  • When searching by date, no name is need to initiate a search. If you type in 1865, the database will pull up anything from January 1, 1860, to December 31, 1869. This allows you to search by decade. Many genealogists are interested in the history of the period their ancestors lived in and this allows you to look at items.from a specified time period.
  • Location searches are just as simple. Type in Boston and any items related to Boston will be returned. Likewise, type in the name of a state and any items related to that state will be returned.

What is exciting is that “Documenting Your Past” posts a picture of the document. You can view and decide if this pertains to your family. And if it does you can purchase it! How exciting is that? If you are unable to find your family, they have a Watch List where you can submit up to ten searches. If a new submissions matches your search, you will receive an email with a link to the document to check and see if it matches your family. I have entered my surnames and cannot wait to see if one day there is a match. If you post to the “Watch List” and get an email, come share with us in the genealogy forum your matches.

Some of the ways you can search is by surname, dates, and places. An example of a unique document you can purchase or order scanned photos of is Item ID: LE000052 – Name(s): Jean Betty, H Burroughs, James Shearer, William Miller, N Wilson, J Campbell: Surveyor General’s Office of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, dated Dec. 22, 1871, to the Prothonotary (chief clerk of the court, used only by Pennsylvania and Delaware) of Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, against 110 acres 124 and perches of land located in Bratton Township, Mifflin County. The property was owned by Jean Betty and the lien was paid by H. N. Burroughs, William Miller, and James Shearer. Signed N. C. Wilson, for J. M. Campbell, Surveyor General. Lien is embossed with a red seal for the Surveyor’s General Office, Pennsylvania. Can you just imagine one of the descendants of those named finding this document!

If you have any questions or comments, there is a page where you can contact them directly. Visit Documenting Your Past and let us know what great document from the past you have discovered!

What A Whirlwind Of Adventure We Have Had!

What A Whirlwind Of Adventure We Have Had

A Savory Spotlight was proud to be apart of Jamboree by covering the event through interviews with many of the speakers and exhibitors there.

Day One:

After arriving Thursday June 4th 2015 to the Burbank Airport Marriott from Santa Clarita on the train I quickly passed out “Hugs and Kisses” to all the volunteers and staff working so hard to make Jamboree 2015 a huge success. Here are the interviews we recorded.

I really wanted to meet people and hear from some of my colleagues in the DNA community. First I found Ce Ce Moore whom I had wanted to meet for a long time. It was a pity that she didn’t have time to do an interview with me but it was nice to finally meet her. We hope to have CeCe Moore, Your Genetic Genealogist on the show soon. Blaine Bettinger, The Genetic Genealogist, Paul Woodbury, BYU Grad Genetics, Angie Bush, Genes and Trees, David Dowell, Author/Librarian/Genealogist, Ron Higgins, CAAGS, Ron Arons, Black Sheep, and finally Dr. Tim Janzen were the speakers that I was lucky enough to interview.

I found the general concensus to be TEST WITH ALL THREE COMPANIES (Autosomal DNA). Blaine Bettinger had some futuristic ideas and has completed some cool crowd sourced studies. Angie Bush shared her techniques and case studies relating to finding adoptive parents for people like those she referred to as “GI babies.” David Dowell makes it easy to understand DNA while I found myself drawn to Dr. Tim Janzen and the depth he went to in explaining complex DNA concepts.

I enjoyed meeting Chris Schauble of KTLA news. He shared his story of DNA and his family.

I was honored to spend time with most of the speakers that I sought out and scheduled some interviews for the following day Saturday June 5th 2015.

Day Two:

The second day was full of interviews, new people and exhibitors as everyone came together to share this great event. I was excited to meet so many busy, interesting people that were so kind to share some of their wisdom with me in the form of an interview for A Savory Spotlight.

Many speakers, attendees along with exhibitors lined the hallways. I had the pleasure of interviewing Attendee’s Karen and Tom, Randy Seavers,, Kitty Cooper, Blogger, Janine Adams, Blogger, Jim Heddell, Genealogists.comCraig Scott, Cruises, Michael Provard, Family Search, Mike Gleason, Documenting Your Past, Craig Scott, Heritage Books, George Horn, Jamestown Society.

I found that public transportation between Santa Clarita and Burbank was not as accessible as once thought. I arrived at the shuttle stop around 6:30 pm that I had taken the day before at 6 pm only to find that it didn’t run between Burbank Airport and Downtown Burbank after 6:15…I finally arrived home at 11:30 pm.

Day Three:

I left Santa Clarita armed with cards, seeds and my “Mad Hatter Hat” as it was called. The morning found me trying an new route by bus instead of train only to be stuck with no connection to Burbank… The sad truth of the state of our world is that I found my self in an organized demonstration of Black Power like this girl from Detroit had not seen the likes of since 1968. I have not room in my heart nor the time for hate…I am making my reservation for next year at the Marriott…No more commuting…Thank goodness for my sister who rescued me and I arrived in time to sing with Sister Sledge and interview some of the finest in the business.

My interviews continued to be intriguing with the likes of Thomas MacEntee, Geneablogger, Anna Swayne,, Judy Russell, The Legal Genealogist, Richard Brownell, Genisyss DNA Vault, Ross Curtis, Christa Cowan,, Lisa Louise Cooke, Genealogy Gems

The food was an amazing spread prepared by the Marriott with something for everyone. I met new friends and continued passing out sunflower seeds to the attendees that wanted to try out their green thumb while we promoted A Savory Spotlight Tuesdays, 10 AM PST/PDT…

Day Four:

Wrapping up interviews with Dr. Michael Lacapo,, Rev. Dave McDonald,, Mike Booth, Roots Magic, Steve Morse and wrapping up Jamboree with Drew Smith, Genealogy Guys Podcast,

We met so many wonderful people and made many new friends.

The evening ended on a unlikely note. Remember the transportation issue I spoke of? Because of a small change of plans I ended up in the lobby of the Marriott after most folks had left sharing with Dr. Tim Janzen what I knew about a common cousin line to both of us. Through teamwork we have found Allgood cousins that have provided DNA for Dr. Tim Janzen to include in his 40-year brick wall research on his mother’s autosomal DNA.

Life is full of serendipity if you keep your eyes open so you can recognize it when it happens.

Thanks for the memories Jamboree… Till 2016!

Research DNA Writers March 2015

Sheri_and_Tina_logo compare
Home of “A Savory Spotlight” on


Sheri McNeil Savory* What a wild ride full of adventure we have been on lately. Research DNA Writers is happy to say that A Savory Spotlight has taken off and is looking for future guests. Sponsors are a vital part of the future of our talk radio show with live and archived shows available at Topics we cover in future shows include DNA, Vikings, Native Americans, genealogy research, authors and books, debut recording artists, Restaurateurs and unique dining experiences, Scottish culture, Robotics, cemetery and photo restoration, education, self awareness, Real Estate in 2015, Health topics, Nova Scotia Tour, travel, art, photography, making of a documentary, locating a long lost cousins, museums, celebrity married couples, St. Patrick’s Day, growing old gracefully, pride of heritage and so much more.

Lupus LA, Adrienne Slaughter and Rick Burns are just some of the guests that have a fantastic charity that could use your donations. There are many good causes, but Lupus, Children’s Cancer and Refugees are top on our list. Each week A Savory Spotlight, welcomes a wide variety of guests speaking about many different topics. Free airtime is offered to these charities and is ONLY offset by your donations, so please…DONATE TODAY! Congratulations to Team Fogel for raising $25,000 for LupusLA…

We are seeking serious sponsors to join us in reaching the largest internet talk radio audience in the world. Advertising on A Savory Spotlight will benefit your company, charity or simply just you. Here is what a sponsor receives for their for their $25 per week investment we promote on, blog, Facebook in multiple groups and pages…Contact information will post for your company on our summary page on LA Talk Radio, and, Here is a sample “talk about” spot on A Savory Spotlight.

Join us in our Facebook Event “The best way to beat a bully VIDEO contest” and win a copy of the A Face To My Name Collection and a FREE Sponsor package.

Research DNA Writers are very proud to be exhibitors at the National Genealogy Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada July 17-19, 2015 prior to our Nova Scotia Tour. Dave Obee, renowned Genealogist/Speaker is the Keynote Speaker for the National Genealogy Conference in Canada among other great genealogists. Seats are filling up fast for the National Genealogy Conference AND our Nova Scotia Tour that will follow on July 21-29, 2015 starting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. DON’T MISS THESE EVENTS! Sign up NOW! We welcome Heidi Wilker to A Savory Spotlight on St. Patrick’s Day 2015 to share the exciting details of the National Genealogy Conference in Canada.

*(Professional Genealogist and Author, was born in Detroit, Michigan. She has been a genealogist for over twenty years. She has published articles in the Gest - Guest Quarterly, genealogy blogs, works closely with FamilytreeDNA projects and is a professional speaker. The study of DNA and family bloodlines dominates her presentations as she inspires people through her tenacity and persistence while searching for clues to the past. She is the author of the “A Face to My Name” series. In addition to working with companies like, Sheri Savory has teamed up with as a specialist in DNA analysis, and host’s Historical Tours with Tauck Tours around the world. She is currently booking a Nova Scotia Tour, Sheri is a single mom and grandmother.)

Tina Sansone

Tina Sansone* I am so excited about the response “A Savory Spotlight” has had since our inception. We have had some awesome and informative shows, and the future guest lineup is very exciting. Every show has our DNA and genealogy features, but we have added the health and music topics to make a great well rounded show. Our current ongoing project is to educate our listeners on the dangers of bullying and we have a contest underway that we hope you will join. On a personal note I am super excited to announce I have started writing for my local paper, “Germantown News” a column entitled, “Genealogy in Germantown”. I plan on sharing and hopefully inspiring those that live in my area to get started doing their family history. If you have a family history story, consider submitting it to your local newspaper or genealogical society for them to publish. As I have been researching, I wanted to send a word of caution regarding genealogical databases that have submitted online trees or transcriptions, as those found on Ancestry and Findagrave. I use these databases almost on a daily basis, but I have learned to use their information as a guide. Well-meaning people post incorrect information, and we must only post to our trees as fact if there is documentation. I will go so far to say to even be cautious on using information gleaned from a tombstone. The information is only as good as the informant, or even the person doing the work on the tombstone. Errors are made, and we must be careful. It is extremely important to document everything using several different types or records to ensure accuracy. We can cut back on these issues if we upload data that we know is correct and support with facts and documentation.

*(From Tennessee. She is the genealogy editor for and is a board member for the Association of Professional Genealogist, and serves as President for their virtual Second Life – APG Chapter. She is the SE Editor for the International Society of Family History Writers & Editors and is the coordinator for their “Excellence in Writing” competition. She is a past board member for Tennessee Genealogical Society and now assists with their social media. Tina is a member of the Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy and a GeneaBlogger. One of her proudest moments was working on “Who Do You Think You Are? – Vanessa Williams” show. Tina enjoys helping others break down their brick walls and is excited about teaming up with and She is a wife, mother and grandmother.

DNA spotlight


DNA Spotlight – Melvin Collier, a genealogist and friend, recently wrote some great tips on his blog, “Roots Revealed”; it is entitled, 20 Do’s and Don’ts of DNA. The last one he mentions reads, “Read, read, read! Once you have taken the DNA test, please continue to educate yourself about DNA. Many informative articles and blog posts can be read online. This will certainly help to understand how DNA is passed down and how certain matches are related, especially if you share DNA on the X chromosome with a DNA match.” This is so true…so many of us get the DNA testing done and then when the testing arrives, it reads like a foreign language. It is important to know what your results mean by either reading about it, or asking for assistance. Sheri McNeil Savory offers her services to analyze and help in your DNA understanding should you need it. Visit Research DNA Writers for more information.


Come hear our newest weekly endeavor on LATalkRadio, “A Savory Spotlight” on Tuesdays at 10:00 am pacific time. We will discuss everything but religion & politics! Do you have a product you would like to showcase on our show? Check out our website for details and our Sponsorship SPECIAL! Get the app and put it on your phone or log in to at 10 AM PST. ANDROID USERS…/la-talk-radio-live_lmyc.html… IPHONE USERS



Do you have a genealogical brick wall? Tell Tina!

brick texture


This tour was created with Clan McNeil in mind as well as anyone that wants to explore the Scottish culture and traditions. We will film a documentary along the way and Sheri McNeil savory along with Vince McNeil, a Cape Bretoner will guide you and help grow your family tree. Don’t miss this unique adventure to see Cape Breton through the eyes clan McNeil of Barra, Scotland that found a new life there.

July 21- 29 Tour Price includes the following:

• Full transportation – 47 passenger luxury motorcoach with professional driver – includes airport transfer July 21
• Services of a tour manager who will handle all the nitty-gritty tour details and will back up Vince and Sheri in tour guiding.
• Vince MacNeil, a Cape Bretoner will hep you grow your family tree. We will share in the traditions and culture of the Clan McNeil of Barra.
• Hotel Accommodations ( double occupancy ) Halifax July 21/22/23 – Baddeck July 24/25/26/27 and Pictou July 28.
• Breakfast Daily for all
• One Dinner for all at Baddeck resort from the menu
• Lobster Dinner for all at Baddeck
• Farewell to Nova Scotia Banquet July 28 at Pictou for all
• Milling Frolic & Ceilidhs in Cape Breton ( Baddeck St. Ann’s area)
• 9 entry fees per person to various sites ( 306 in total )
• Late Afternoon or Early Evening Sail on the Amoeba for all
• Porter Services ( bags in’/out ) at all hotels
• All road, bridge and ferry tolls as required.Total Due $2,799.00 PLUS Airfare
Deposit Due by midnight Jan 14, 2015 $299.00
Contact: Sheri McNeil Savory
818-806-5067 or to book your Tour today!!

  • Total Due $2,799.00 PLUS AirfareNova Scotia
  • Deposit Due by midnight Jan 14, 2015 $299.00
  • Contact: Sheri McNeil Savory
  • 818-806-5067 or to book your Tour today!!

Sheri and Tina are also available for consults on DNA and Genealogy related topics. We can do the consults via telephone, G+ Hangouts, Skype, or on the social media private message boards. If we come across a question we are not sure of, we will find a source that can answer it for you.

On the “Tell Tina” segment, Tina will take dedications for only $5.00. Visit our website and submit your dedication now to get on the next show!



(818) 806-5067

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LA Talk with pic

Future Guests

We are super excited to have the following as upcoming guests on our show!

Michelle McNabb – Lynne Lockwood of Loving all Animals – Janice Sellers –
Patricia Nelly-Dorsey – Sharon McAnear – – Simon Mee – Newhall Refinery – Heidi Wilker – National Genealogy Conference in Canada –


                 Genealogy, DNA, Poetry, Book Reviews, Animal Rescue, Lupus, Danish Museum,                       and many others!

Past Guests Review

Please visit our Guest’s summaries on It is here you will find links to their websites and/or contact information. We would love for you to email us at

“A Savory Spotlight” is a proud sponsor of the following:
National Genealogy Conference of Canada
Karadah Project & Soccer Salam
The Challenge Accepted Robotics Team
Team Lupus LA



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• Weekly mention of your business, organization of your choice or a charity you wish to promote. You can give us the name of the charity and we will research it and tell our audience what it is for and how they can help that charity.
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• Sheri and Tina have formed “Research DNA Writers” and have a newsletter that promotes the radio show as well, All sponsors will be listed in the newsletter as well.



We are very excited to introduce our newest sponsor – Check out their ad! Spot on A Savory Spotlight sound clip

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