A Savory Spotlight 2015 in Review

Tina & Sheri Logo 2016

“A Savory Spotlight” has been a wonderful exciting adventure this past year. As we started our show in November 2015, both Sheri McNeil Savory and Tina Sansone had no idea of the awesome guests and sponsors their show would attract. As a new year has started, we reflected on our past. We discussed DNA & Genealogy, Health Issues, Authors, Robotics, Jamboree, Charities, Education, and Current Events. Here are some of the amazing guests we had:

November – Lucie Hill, Julie Cope Whitaker, Vince MacNeil, DearMYRTLE (aka Pat Richley-Erickson), Diana Crisman Smith, & Rex Bertram
December – Rochelle Workman, Shari Kelley Worrell, Holly Wagner, Dan Kryzan, Adrienne Slaughter, & Kristen Houghton
January – Kristian Pedersen, Rick Burns, Victoria Wilcox, Robin Clough, Ron Rudzinski & Dan Kryzan
February – Cindy Grantham Brown, Adrienne Slaughter & First Tech Challenge Robotics Team #7802
March – Adam Selkowitz, Nichole Fogel, Elle Jones, Michelle McNabb, Simon Mee, Janice Sellers, Jim Heddell & Andre’ Proost
April – Barry Sheldon, Ellen Conrad, Peter Marsch, Sharon Mcanear, Mark & Ryan with Crestleaf.com
May – Candice Buchanan, Katherine Willson, Claudia Breland, Lise Harding & Paula HInkel
June – C. T. Mitchell, Janet Horvorka, Ron Arons, Blaine Bettinger, Jim Heddell, Elissa Scalise-Powell, Richard Brownell, Judy Russell, Angie Bush, Craig Scott, Michael Provard & Michael Gleason
July – John Spence, Michael Gleason, Thomas MacEntee, Drew Smith, Randy Seaver, Dr. Tim Janzen, Paul Woodbury, Steve Morse, Kitty Munson Coooper, Lucie Hill & Lisa Louise Cooke
August – L. T. Reece, Robert Daffin, Dr. Tim Janzen, & Roccie Hill
September – Thomas MacEntee, Paul Brooks, Elissa Scalise Powell, Rich Venezia & Roccie Hill
October – David Dowell
November – Roccie Hill, Joanne Hardy, & Danny Raede
December – Israel Pickholtz, Al Dawson, Nathan Dylan Goodwin, Trynadi Moffit, Dakota Workman, Erica Hartless & Brage Garofalo
January – Lise Harding & Melissa LeMaster Barker

To hear the archived versions of the above shows please visit:

We truly appreciate those Sponsors we had and the great friendships that were made through the sponsorship. Thanks to the following:

• Karen Cantrell with LadyGolf.com
• LocationLadies.com
• Stars Publishing Company
• Michael Gleason with Documentingyourpast.com
• Jim Heddell with Genealogists.com
• Santa Clarita Valley Therapy Services
• ResearchDNAWriters.com
• RoccieHIll.com

We are excited to see what the New Year 2016 will bring. If you wish to be guest or part of our sponsorship family, please email savoryspotlight@gmail.com. Sheri & Tina want to give a special thanks to our listeners. Each month as we watch our numbers grow, have listeners message us via email or social media, we are truly blessed to have this opportunity to be a part of the LA Talk Radio family via “A Savory Spotlight”. Thank you!


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