L. T. Reece, Author Review

LT Reece

L. T. Reece was a guest on our show, Tuesday, August 4. We had a great conversation with him, author of thrillers, suspense, mystery and crime! He gave us insight into his writing style and a sneak peek to his latest release, “The Last Omen“. Other books he authored are “Coma Sins”, “A Suitcase Mystery 1 & 2, Fear and other great novels. What is even more exciting is these books are offered in audio, so you can listen as you drive or take your walks. L. T. Reece is offering a FREE book, “The World of Suspense and Mystery” on Amazon, so check it out while it’s FREE.

I read his book, “The Last Omen” and it held me in suspense til the end. I love reading books that leave me guessing to the end, and his books do not disappoint.

Much appreciation for L.T. Reece for coming on our show; you can check out his interview on “A Savory Spotlight” and scroll down to the archived shows.

He can also be heard on iTunes, “The Last Omen” and Stitcher.

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