Roccie Hill Presents – The Genealogy Book of our Family: Bringing the Story of Our Ancestors to Life

Roccie Tree

Many times we have family information, records, and documents, but not sure what to do with them. We have researched the genealogy of our ancestors, but it sits there on our software, word processor or online family tree. How many of us enjoy reading books on the history of our ancestors or where they lived? Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own historical and genealogical book on your personal family?

Roccie Hill,, is now offering those services to the public. She has been “ghost writing” for many years for personal friends, but had decided to branch out to those interested in their own personal story. What exactly is a ghost writer? “Wikipedia – a ghostwriter is a writer who authors books, manuscripts, screenplays, scripts, articles, blog posts, stories, reports, whitepapers, or other texts that are officially credited to another person.”

Roccie is a professional writer and editor, and has been fascinated by her own family’s stories for decades. She studied genealogy for over 15 years, building her family tree little by little, on her own and with the help of genealogists. She discovered that the map of her family through the generations only touched the surface of their stories and mysteries. Roccie does not just want to know the names, dates and places of her ancestry, but most importantly the stories and historical events that occurred in their lives.

Through “The Genealogy Book of our Family”, Roccie Hill is available to take your family tree, research the eras and the locations, provide pictures and historical context, and transform these into a book that brings your ancestors to life for your children and grandchildren. She will turn the map of your family into a story, and you will learn more about American history that you ever did in school. Your family will gain profound insights into who you really are, and who your ancestors were, beyond the mere facts.

Your story might be a short story concerning one person, or it might be a 300-page book. Whatever the length, she will work closely with you to produce hard cover copies, paperback copies, or e-books: you can make one copy or a hundred. Imagine the excitement at a family reunion or a holiday celebration when you present the story of yourselves and your ancestors, beyond just the family tree map, for everyone to read and enjoy forever. You can contact Roccie Hill at with your questions or thoughts, and for pricing for this service.

Check out Roccie Hill’s latest release Window of Exposure!

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